CV #Personal & Academic

Family name: Ignacio

Name: Pagonabarraga

Born: 1966

Family: Married and two children

Student: University of Barcelona (1984-89)

Actual position: Professor of Condensed Matter, University of Barcelona

Research grants: MINECO (Spanish Agency) AGAUR (Catalan Agency) EU (European Union)

Publications in Physics Journals: 140 (Physical Review Letters, Nature Materials, Science, PNAS, Journal Chemical Physics, etc)

Academic Leadership: Supervisor of 6 PhD students, 8 postdoctoral researchers, 3 sabbatical stays, 9 masterworks of undergraduate students

Academy Membership: Real Sociedad Española de Física, Societat Catalana de Física.

Invited talks in International Conferences and Universities: 82 invited presentations at International conferences and 45  presentations at academic institutions

Main Funded Research Projects:

  • European Projects ( 9)
  • Resarch Projects with Spanish Agencies ( 19)
  • Research projects with Catalan Agencies ( 11)
  • Infrastructures projects ( 3)
  • Contracts with private enterprises (3)
  • Access to supecomputing facilities (7)

(Some) Visiting  and sabbatical appointments (2001-2015):

  • University fo Edinburgh
  • AMOLF-Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics
  • Université Claude Bernard Lyon
  • Université Paris-Sud
  • Technical  University Berlin
  • Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics in Santa Barbara
  • Indian Institute of Techniology at Chennai
CV #Citations

Citation indices

All Since 2015
Citations 6549 3290
h-index 42 28
i10-index 125 91

Citations to my articles

CV #Selected publications
Title / Authors / Journal Cited by Year

Colloidal jamming at interfaces: A route to fluid-bicontinuous gels

Stratford, K ; Adhikari, R ; Pagonabarraga, I ; Desplat, JC ; Cates, ME

Science 309, 2198
192 2005

Title / Authors / Journal Cited by Year

Inertial effects in three-dimensional spinodal decomposition of a symmetric binary fluid mixture: a lattice Boltzmann study

Kendon, VM; Cates, ME; Pagonabarraga, I; Desplat, JC; Bladon, P

Journal of Fluid Mechanics 440, 147
152 2001

Title / Authors / Journal Cited by Year

Self-consistent dissipative particle dynamics algorithm

Pagonabarraga, I; Hagen, MHJ; Frenkel, D

Europhysics Letters
127 1998

Title / Authors / Journal Cited by Year

Dissipative particle dynamics for interacting systems

Pagonabarraga, I; Frenkel, D

Journal of Chemical Physics
122 2001

Title / Authors / Journal Cited by Year

Arrested phase separation in reproducing bacteria creates a generic route to pattern formation

Cates, ME; Marenduzzo, D ; Pagonabarraga, I; Tailleur, J

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 107, 11715
71 2010

Title / Authors / Journal Cited by Year

Controlled Swimming in Confined Fluids of Magnetically Actuated Colloidal Rotors

Tierno, P ; Golestanian, R; Pagonabarraga, I; Sagues, F

Physical Review Letters
69 2008

Title / Authors / Journal Cited by Year

Role of Particle Shape on the Stress Propagation in Granular Packings

Cruz Hidalgo, R; Zuriguel, I; Maza, D; Pagonabarraga, I

Physical Review Letters 103, 118001
33 2009

Title / Authors / Journal Cited by Year

Controlled drop emission by wetting properties in driven liquid filaments

Ledesma-Aguilar, R; Nistal, R; Hernandez-Machado, A; Pagonabarraga, I

Nature Materials 10, 367
29 2011

Title / Authors / Journal Cited by Year

Coarse-grained simulations of charge, current and flow in heterogeneous media

Rotenberg, B; Pagonabarraga, I; Frenkel, D

Faraday Discussions 144, 223
27 2010

CV #Selected talks

Liquids 2014. 9thLiquid Matter Conference

Lisbon (Portugal) (2014)

CECAM-PsiK Conference: Multiscale modeling from first principles 2013

Platja d'Aro (Spain) (2013)

Active Processes in living and nonliving matter

KITp Santa Barbara (USA) (2014)

21st International conference on discrete simulation of fluid dynamics (DSFD2012)

Bangalore (India) (2012)

International Conference on Statistical Physics 2011

Larnaca (Cyprus) (2011)

SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering

Boston (USA) (2013)

Condensed Matter and Material Physics (CMMP11)

Manchester (United Kingdom) (2011)

International Conference on Soft Materials (ICSM 2014)

Jaipur (India) (2014)

570. WE-Heraeus-Seminar. Nonlinear Response in Complex Systems and Nonequilibrium Liquids

Köln (Germany) (2014)

CV #Awards

2014 · Icrea Acadèmia

2011 · Oustanding Referee of the American Physical Society

2004 · Distinció per a la Promoció de la Recerca Universitària, ’Jove Investigador’